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Slavia - Sparta 1: 1 Skoda settled in setting the penalty filmed

Sparta heading for victory when substitute home Mingazov ran into the penalty area. The race went with him Karavajev but Slavicist jumped into it.
Franek referee whistled a penalty kick that turned into pity. Top scorer league set the final score 1: 1st Blunder ref.

Sparta lost a win that was after 81 minutes, very close. In the meantime, he did not fire at the goal, but when she did, right out of the goal.
Sural sent the ball to Konatého whose Shot cross ended at Kadlec, and he sent a swift shot burned Pavlenko 0 - 1 .
Sparta showed their best spring performance.For a launched Slavia as the match almost anything to let you go.
Plzen has over 22 laps of the first 50 points, one point less Slavia, Sparta lost another nine points.
to draw faces actually match all the time, until the Sparta goal. Indeed they missed chances and shots. He played a tough match in front of sold-out grandstands, with many significant new challenges. But only the penalty area.
Slavia wagged first fifteen minutes. Tecla, which took place vykartovaného Sykora, nacentroval from the right penalty area and headed Zmrhal.But only slightly, and in the middle of the gate, so the keeper Koubek had an easy job.
After another fifteen minutes of your greatest opportunity to develop Sparta. Karavajev centered and Slavic defense ran Marecek, but a piece of the gate hit the ball. The balloon is then bounced along the goal line, but neither Lafata to reach him.
was nearest Slavia goal after 57 minutes. It has developed pretty on the left, Barak got into the penalty area and přihrával under her penalty. There is an effort to prevent a chance to hit the ball Vacha - the ball flew violently towards their own goal, but in the end it just missed.
great match played stoppers on both sides.Sparta while for cards Michala Kadlece and injury Mazuch had to build a brand new pair of stoperskou Marecek, Holek. A particularly experienced Holek demonstrated responsible performance when Slavia striker did not release any damage at all to anything.
Slavia captain stood up in setting the fines that responded to the Sparta goal.
Slavia extended series of invincibility on 18 matches.