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FC Ingolstadt 04 - RB Lipsko 1:0

SR Slovensko Tenis Fed barហŠpanielsko nominácia BAXHuge shock came on the show Saturday afternoon at Audi Sportpark. Until then, the last Ingoldstadt defeated by then head of Leipzig, which then had to concede the position of leader of the table Bayern Munich. Even in this duel he was yet to see a red card, as in this round once in four others (excluding Sunday games).

A single shot of the match took place in the 12th minute. Anthony Jung sent an excellent cross into the little box where Roger scored head back to the gate - 1: 0th Straighten could have been after Forsberg center Marcel Halstenberg. He could, of course, if he acted after a free-kick accurately. Until the end of the half had not landed one occasion he does not.

After the change of sides played the first 52 minutes. Naby Keïta poked at Sabitzera Marcela, who found himself alone in front of goalkeeper Martin Hansen, but the defense Die Schanzer finally mastered the whole situation. But contact with Sabitzerem trailed keeper Hansen so that the injured and the three bars had Orjan Nyland.

With 63 minutes on the new man in gloves burned Forsberg, but without being ruffled network. It failed to even his teammates Oliver Burke fourteen minutes later. In the end he could still cope Forsberg, but also its greatest opportunity failed. A Swedish representative was not adopted even in the seventh minute setting. After the two quick yellow expelled Matthew Leckie.

This result means only one thing. Namely, that after fourteen rounds played in the Bundesliga remains the only undefeated team TSG Hoffenheim. Leipzig in these last two rounds of the calendar year, will compete with two heavy opponents. First, home to Hertha Berlin, and then comes to superprestižní duel with Bayern Munich. Apparently it should be about who hibernates in the first place.